Attic Fan


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I want to install an attic fan. I want to hardwire it directly to its own breaker switch and run the wire up to the attic. I have several empty spots on my breaker. I am not sure if I need a 20 or a 15 size breaker ? I am also not sure how to wire it up (and what to expect) when I remove the cover from my breaker box ? I have some experience running cable and wiring light switches and outlets and working with junction boxes. I'm just not sure about adding a breaker switch. Any hints/tricks and help would be great!
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Start with the wire gauge-I advise #12 which is rated at 20 amp. even tho the fan current may be only 7 amps.Identify the "make" of the panel-G.E.,Square D.,etc. and purchase a 15amp single-pole breaker of this type.When you'r ready to connect the cable to the panel switch the Main Circuit Breaker (MCB) OFF.If you used non-metalic cable you'll have a Black,a White, and a bare Ground wire. BE CAREFULL the Ground wire does'nt touch the live terminals on the MCB-it's safest to connect the cable to the bottom of the panel away from the MCB. Connect the Black to the breaker and the White & Ground to the neutral terminal strip. For safety I suggest using a cord plug and a receptacle as the motor dis-connect instead of a switch-the fan can't operate while un-plugged. How will you control the fan?
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attic fan

Its the type of fan that you put in the vent of your attic. So it is controlled by temperature. eg. If the temp in the attic gets above...say 100degrees, then the fan cuts on and sucks the hot air out. So I don't think I need it to plug into anything. I just need to hot wire it and the temperature control will cut it on and off.
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You can tie it in but you might want to put a service switch somewhere nearby incase you want to shut it off for service or cleaning.
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Attic Fan

Is that not what the breaker is for ? To shut it on and off if need be ?
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Not necessarily, you'd have to run all through your hous to
get to the breaker. It is always convenient (and maybe code) to have a shutoff relatively close to the fan (or any other
fixed wired appliance).

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