Light Switch to control a ceiling instalation


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I want to convert a light switch that controls a wall outlet to use the switch to control power to a ceiling fan. I have successfully undone the wiring to the switched outlet and replaced it so that both sides of the outlet are now "hot". The switch is disconnected and controls nothing. I have run 14/2 from the ceiling fan to an area proximate to the switch wiring in the attic and I have a source of power at the same place.

I'm just not sure how to connect the blacks and whites so that the power to the fan is controlled from the switch. i will then control the light and fan from the pull chains.

Thanks for your help!
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This is my concept-You dis-connected a 2-wire switch leg at the switched receptacle-at the switch there is only a Black & White,both dead-the 2-wire cable between the switch and receptacle is accessible in the attic-in the attic you will cut this cable and bring the end going to the switch into a splice-box.If this is correct then; cover the White wire at the switch an in the attic splice box with Black tape-bring the 2-wire from the faninto the splice box-wire nut the Black from the fan to the wire taped Black which leaves a Black and White which will connect to the Black and White of a 2-wire feed.Bring the end ot the cable that goes to the receptacle into the splice box and at the receptacle you can re-connect it for the feed.
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If this was me doing this job, I would take, along with the switc leg (for the light) a hot wire, to connect to the fan. Then, no matter what the switch was set at (on or off) I could still control the fan, via the pull chain. Doing it any other way will cause frustration. Believe me. I did a setup just like you want to do, in my bedroom, and I am not pleased with the result. Run the 3rd wire.

Rick Miell
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You shoulda ran a 3wire right to the switched outlet it woulda been ten times easier and faster.
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