Best switch for "always on" ?

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Best switch for "always on" ?

We have three circuits in our bathroom and the switch panel next to the door controls (from left to right):

1) tub lights
2) vent fan (vent fan has it's own motion/moisture sensor bult-in)
3) bathroom main lights

We have an occupancy sensor switch for the main lights, and regular switches for the vent fan and tub lights. Generally out of habit people tend to run their hand across the switches to "turn the lights out" when leaving the bathroom. This usually results in the tub and vent fan switches turned off. The problem is I would generally like the vent fan switch to always be on (so it's built in motion/moisture sensor can manage it's operation). However I also like having the option to cutoff power to the vent fan via the switch (makes me feel safe when sticking my hands up into the vent fan when cleaning out dust/lint...). I have tried packing tape and color-matched gaffers tape to keep the vent fan switch "always on", but neither is strong enough over time to prevent the switch from being pushed off by "day-to-day" users..

Besides just wiring the vent fan on full time without a switch- can anyone recommend a switch for the vent fan that would be "hard to turn off"?

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You could try turning the switch over so the normal off position is the on position.
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That's about an easy solution you'll ever find.
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Other posters have the easiest options. Another option is to replace the switch with a locking switch. They only come in standard toggle sized so you would likely have to rearrange the switches to use a standard plate.

Locking switch:
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You could remove a buck or two from the kids weekly allowance every time that happens. Leave the seat up if it's the wife.
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These are all great responses! Thanks all! I'm gonna try one of the switch cover add-on type things first If that doesn't cut it then allowances will be docked and seats raised

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