208-230 wired into residential 120/240 breaker panel

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208-230 wired into residential 120/240 breaker panel

How to wire a 208-230 single phase motor into electrical panel

The plug on my air compressor, I have ordered the female socket but am unsure how to wire it into my residential breaker panel
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Looks like it's a 3 phase motor. Check the motor plate, but I think you are out of luck.
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Check the nameplate on the motor to see if it is 3 phase. If it is your only options are to get a phase converter or replace the motor with a single phase one.
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Nameplate for 108-230 single phase motor wiring

In the picture of the plug there are just three of the legs being used, 2 on opposite sides of the center including the center it self, here is a picture of the name plate, also will using a phase inverter/converter make the motor more efficient and able to run the motor more in line with what it was intended, not having more than three wires to power it?

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You have single phase motor, so phase converter is not needed and you will not be gaining anything.
The plug you have is probably used to connect to existing 3 phase receptacle. You just have to replace plug with 240V 30A plug (NEMA 6-30, 10-30 or L6-30) and install corresponding receptacle and wire to 2 pole breaker.

If you wishes to use existing plug, find which prongs are wired and connect each wires from 2 pole breaker to corresponding prongs of receptacle. Not sure if it is legal to wire 3 phase receptacle to 1 phase..

FYI. Center pin is ground, prong with bent key is neutral and remaining 3 prongs are each leg of 3 phase.
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Take a look at this locking blade chart. It will help you understand a little better how the configurations of the plugs/receptacles work and the reasoning behind them.

Plug configurations are different depending on the voltage and amp rating that will be plugged in. This helps to keep the wrong plug from being plugged into the wrong receptacle which can bring dangerous results. It is like a safety device.

You can see that the plug on your device says 3 phase when in fact the plate says single phase.
Study the chart for a bit. It will help you understand what you need in the way of a plug when you study the nameplate on the device. This will give you a good starting point.

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Plug looks to be an L21-20 not needed for that single phase motor you can likely use a plug L6-30 or a 6-30 (The L is for locking connector/twist to lock) for your motor with the matching receptacle R= receptacle P=Plug on the NEMA charts

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