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Regarding the earlier thread...and my ceiling fan situation...

Yes, we have that "extra" wire from the fan. It's black with a white stripe. We connected this wire AND the black fan wire to the black ceiling wire. We connected white to white, and green to green, as well. We didn't use the red, because the previous ceiling light didn't use it. So we weren't sure what to do with it. Wouldn't the one switch still turn on both the fan and light with this setup? I don't understand why the lights would work, but the fan didn't.

We have a double wall switch, and I assume they rigged it for a ceiling fan. (We have that set up in our bedroom, which already has a fan installed.) I took apart the wall switch plate and noticed a red wire coming from the unused switch. Within the outlet box in the ceiling, there are TWO red wires. One is covered with a wire nut, and the other isn't. That makes me a bit nervous, because I'm not sure which one to use.

Thanks for your help, John.
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I suggest connecting lamp sockets to the ceiling box to verify the wiring and switch connections before trying to install the fan. If you have 2 3-wire cables in the ceiling outlet box you'll have 2 Reds.Possibly the COB was controlled by 2 3-way switches.Connect a lamp socket between the Red and White in the 3-wire cable from the control switch and if it operates from the switch connect the socket to the Black wire and check the switch operation.
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Thanks Switchman...although I 'm not sure I followed.

I still don't understand why the fan didn't work with the wiring we had set up...and why lights would work but not the fan.

I realize that the red wire allows us to control the fan with one switch and the light with the other. But if we had it routed to one switch, wouldn't they both turn on at the same time?

Also, why would we have one white, one black but two reds?

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Exactly how many wires are in the ceiling box and what colors? If the ceiling box was controlled by 2 switches there would be 2 3-wire cables in the COB each going to a switch- the original connection with the ceiling lite controlled from 2 locations.I'm guessing one of the 3-wire cables was reconnected for fan/lite control with a neutral(White) and 2 switch legs, Black and Red which connect to device with 2 single pole toggles switches (double wall switch).Do you have a lamp socket for making test connections-best way to procede.
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You may be right. We probably bit off more than we could chew with trying to install this thing ourselves. But, because we had a light fixture in the location, and it was wired for a fan, we figured the wiring would be easy.

The fan directions told us to look for one black and one white and a ground wire in the ceiling -- which all had been used for the existing light. So that seemed straightforward. Then it mentioned an extra switch wire, and no color, and we were like, "huh?" The directions said if we had no extra wire to just combine the fan black/white and black wires with the ceiling black. So, we did that. We figured the one switch would then control the fan and light with that setup. But the fan never came on....just the light.

To answer your question, we found one black, one white, one green and two reds in the COB. It's possible that we have another set of wires in the box that we totally disregarded.

If that's the case, will there be additional black and white wires from the other switch? Do we connect those, or do we only want to connect the red?

We don't have the lamp socket you talked about. But, we do have an electrician friend who lives in the building. I'm leaning toward paying him to figure this thing out for us. He took a look at the directions and said it sounded like what we did was correct and that the fan motor may be broken.

Thanks for your help!


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