RV Wiring

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RV Wiring

Hello, Nothing serious but wondering If any electricians can comment. When I plug in my RV then shut off the main breaker, as expected the current stops but I still get electrical frequency readings at the plugs and throughout the RV. If I unplug the RV then those reading go to zero. I'm interested as this doesn't happen in my house. What could be the difference? What could cause the EF to flow through the wires that are seemingly disconnected to the power source. Is it a grounding thing with RVs? Thanks for your time!
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What are you using to get those "electrical frequency readings"? Brand, model number and settings please.
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You are turning off the main breaker.... not disconnecting the wiring.
Grounds and neutrals are still connected.

If you are connecting a digital meter to the wiring.... you may see a frequency (60hz) or random AC voltages on the meter. Nothing strange here Electricity is induced thru nearby cables. Power can be induced from the main breaker wiring to the nearby circuitry. Try using an analog meter.
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It could be miswired and you are turning off the neutral.
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Thanks for all the replies. I originally was using a non contact voltage tester that I previously used in mt house to check if a circuit was turned off or not so when I turned off the breaker in the rv and it still was flashing I thought the power was still on. I actually called the dealer but then realized it wasn't after plugging something in and it didnt work. The device I was measuring the EF with is called the GQ390 which has 3 sensors (EF EMF RF) So when I was shutting off the breaker I was still getting the exact same EF reading but hen I do it in my house it goes to zero. Now since my post I moved the RV to a different location and now when I shut off the main breaker it acts the same as my house and reads no EF. Really strange. I wonder what could be the difference from the first location? Thanks again for the input
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"The device I was measuring the EF with is called the GQ390..."
Not the right tool for the job. You need a multimeter.

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