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I have a Junction box located on my 2nd floor. Five positive conductors, 3 neutral conductors, and 1 ground wire have been pulled to this box from my main breaker panel. All wires are 12 guage. This work was done by a license professional.

I have pulled new 12-2 w/ground romex from this new box to each of my 4 bedrooms and 1 bath (totalling 5 new circuits). I have connected all positives and neutrals with no trouble, but connecting 5 grounds to the 1 ground wire that was feed to the box is messy--to say the least.

Is there a better method to connecting 5 ground wires (6 including the wire from the breaker box) together? Using short pieces of green #12, I have daisy-chained them together, but this appears sloppy. Perhaps there is a bus-bar type of connector that could be used? Perhaps I could ground the metal box, the connect each of these grounds to the box? I've searched the 1999 NEC book, but I can't find anything that helps.


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It is not really good to put too many wires under the same connector. However if you have on equipment grounding conductor feeding 5 equipment grounding conductors, then you might try the following combination. Best I can think of at the time.

If this junction box is a metal box and is big enough then install what is called an equipment grounding bar with bolts and nuts mounted through the junction box wall. Make sure to clear any paint etc. ensuring a good contact with that box. IF this junction box is nonmetallic then look for provisions to install an equipment grounding bar. Then connect the equipment grounding conductors to that equipment grounding bar. Make sure you do not drill holes in a non metallic box to mount a grounding bar. If the box is not designed to accept an equipment grounding bar then you must use a key tap style device accepting all conductors under one connector or a daisy chain wire nut method. Remember the term designed for the purpose. See 110-3-B listed and labled for the intended use without changing the UL approval of the listing or labeling.

If you opt to use wire nut type connectors, then you may install 2 conductors with an 8 or 10" pigtail and the equipment grounding bar from the panel. Then connect the otehr end of the pigtail to the rest of the conductors under a second wire nut.

Good Luck


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