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I am converting the existing dryer receptacle in a house I just moved into to a newer one to fit my newer model dryer.
The circuit is 220volts
The old receptacle had 3 holes for the plug, my new plug has 4 prongs.
i removed the old receptacle (after turning the power off)
found three wires - one silver stranded non insulated wire, and two black insulated 8? gauge wiress. One of the black wires had a small red mark on the insulation.
I was told that the silver wire is the neutral and attached that to the screww marked white on the new receptacle, no ground existing so I got a piece of 10 gauge copper wire, attached one end to the screw marked green and attached the other end to a screw in the metal outlet box. Attached the two black wires to the other two screws in the receptacle (not in any particular positions). Covered the box, turned on power, plugged in dryer and it worked like normal.
Just want to know if the wiring scheme I described sounds safe and correct, ground is proper, etc.
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Jeff, if the box is grounded, then you did it right.

From your description, though, I would be willing to bet that this is a cable fed box, and that the box is not grounded. You could have changed the dryer cord to a 3-wire, and made sure the link between the chassis and the neutral terminal, on the dryer, is in place. Since the cord was 4-wire, this link was probably removed.

Follow the wiring diagram on the back of the dryer, using the 3-wire diagram.

Good luck.

Rick Miell
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I believe it is a cable fed box, I can see the cable running into the conduit opening at the top of the concrete wall and down into the box. Therefore not grounded? Can I ground it? I'd prefer to do that (if possible) as I have already changed the outlet. There are copper water pipes right there.
I also see two unattached copper wires(~2 feet long) nearby in the area of the washing machine. Can you think of anything I need to or should do with them?

thanks again
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Rick M said it accurately. However if you want a four wire branch circuit serving that dryer then you only have two options. You may run a single green equipment grounding conductor from that dryer receptacle box directly to either the equipment grounding bar in the panel or to the grounding electrode serving as the grounding electrode system to that buildings. The second option is to run a new 4 wire cable from your panel replacing that old existing 3 wire cable serving that dryer.

You must not connect to any nearby wire or any nearby water pipe to serve as the equipment grounding conductor for this existing dryer circuit. To connect to anything except within the panel or at the grounding electrode system itself serving that structure would be a NEC violation.

Hope this helps

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