breakers tripping all the time


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My Dad just installed an electrical outlet in the living room, since then it seems like i have breakers tripping all the time. when i dry my hair with the bathroom light on, it trips...last night when i turned on two window ac's two breakers tripped. One for the ACs, and kitchen and one for the when i put the furnace breaker to the on position, it still looks tripped (the red shows)...could all this be from the adding of the socket. When everything trips, the TV (new socket) stays on. any help would be appreciated.
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You may have a loose connection or you may have a dead short causing your problem. I suspect you may have a couple of overloaded branch circuits that are unralated to your dads activities. I may be wrong but you might try the following first.

Turn everything off that is on that breaker protecting that branch circuit that is dead. Push the breaker hard to the off position then turn that breaker back on. Listen for a buzz or a click immediately at the time you turn that breaker on. If you hear a buzz or an immediate click turning that breaker back off then you have a short circuit. If that breaker holds then one at a time turn everything back on carried by that branch circuit. If the breaker trips when your AC unit turns on you may have a bad compressor in the AC unit. If all works fine you may have turned off your AC unit and then turned that AC unit back on before the required rest time was fulfilled. That time limit of rest before a compressor is turned back on is about 5 minutes. See what you find out and get back to us as to what you find.

Good Luck

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It was the furnance that was causing the breaker to be tripped. I turned the furnace off and the breaker was fine. I have the G&E coming to check the furnance...thanks for all the help
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Where do you live that you run the furnace in August?
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i just moved in and i didn't know it was on...
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I'm a little confused by the relationship between the A/C circuit and the furnace circuit. These should be two separate circuits on two separate breakers. Even if they share a neutral, they wouldn't need ganged breakers.

Are the breakers one atop the other? Is there a connector between the levers, or a clip that makes them both trip if one trips?

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