Ceiling fan light wiring

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I just finished installing some new parts in a ceiling fan. Of course I knew I'd remember how to rewire it...
I don't remember where the wires go. This is just the lower portion of the unit that houses the 4 lights. Coming into fixture are a black and a white wire. The black wire is connected to the black wire in the chain pull switch. I am now left with a blue wire and a red wire from the switch along with 4 black and 4 white wires from the 4 lights. I know there are 3 connections to be made but am not sure how. I think the 4 whites go together with the white coming into the fixture while the blacks go 2 to red and 2 to blue while the incoming black goes to the black in the switch.
Does this make sense so that the switch allows no lights, 2 lights or 4 lights to be on?

Your help appreciated.

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Yes. The lower portion has 3 connections in this case. The 4 white wires are neutral and will get connected to the white wire coming into the fixture. The incoming black goes to the black on the switch. That is your input so to speak. It is not going to matter what pair of black wires are connected to the red or the blue single wires on the switch.

All that is happening here is the sequence of what two lights are to come on first when the switch is pulled. The two black wires connected to the BLUE will energize on during one of the switch pulls giving 2 lights on and 2 off. The other two black wires connected to the RED will energize on during one of the switch pulls as well thus giving you the opposite 2 lights on and 2 off. The next switch pull should energize all four black wires giving all 4 lights on and one more switch pull should turn off the lights completely.

My suggestion on the four black wires. Pair off the black wires opposite from one another so that when two lights are on, they are illuminating 180 degrees from one another at a time instead of pairing them side-by-each just for sake of uniformity. All rooms are different so you could experiment with the black wiring "pairings" to suit your lighting needs and preferences.

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