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What is the current code for outlets in a room? I am having my service upgraded to 200 amp and rewiring the contract stated add additional outlets to meet current code at request of customer? Does code require one for every wall( 4 wall room)
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Receptacle outlet layout

For other than kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways, a receptacle outlet is required so that no point along the unbroken baseboard is more than 6 feet from an outlet. That means an outlet within 6 feet of the doorway, and every 12 feet thereafter. Any wall more than 2 feet wide is required to have an outlet.

There are a lot of other requirements. Keep in mind that the Code is designed to ensure electrical installations "essentiallly free from hazard". I usually out in one or two additional outlets per room (for instance, one on either side of the most likely place for the bed in the master bedroom).

HAve you asked the bidder how many outlets that that will include? If you are checking up on his answer, that's a bad sign...you ought to trust the person doing the work.

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Cliff is right concerning the habitable rooms and receptacle spacing requirements.

I have seen a game played by a couple of contractors that you may want to confirm is not happening to you. The statement was made by the contractor that he would add receptacles required to meet the NEC at the same price of a competiter bidding just the service. The home owner jumped on the extra free work. No receptacles were added. When the home owner questioned the fact that no receptacles were added the contractors reply was that the AHJ did not require any new receptacles to be installed considering the term existing of the older home when that home was originally wired, therefore he met Code. Dirty trick but that contractor took that job from a competiter.

I would be specific as to the number of receptacles that are supposed to be included in the bid by checking with the AHJ and then making your decision how many more you want. I would also obtain two or three competitive bids with reputable electrical contractors. Know that they are all bidding apples for apples even steven. Then pick your contractor as you wish. This should help to ensure you are getting what you expect.

Hope this helps


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