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I am a true layman, so take it easy on me...

I installed a light fixture in a bathroom in an older home (20 years). Everything worked great, for about 2 months. Then the light went out. When ever I flicked the switch, a very faint orange glow appeared. The circuit breaker was fine (not tripped), so was the other light in the bathroom (which is ran to the same circuit).

I re-installed the light fixture, no luck. I noticed there were two lines coming to the fixture box. The black wire originally hooked up to the light was paired with a white wire from another line. The other black wire was tapped to the white wire from the original line and capped off. I hooked the light up to this other black wire, everything worked fine, but the light switch won't operate it, as it is from a circuit that is for another area (laundry room next door).


Why did the line to the light in the bathroom stop working? How can I fix it? Why was the black and white wires used from two different lines? Should they be left that way?

Thanks for any help you can provide!!
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Yes, the former wiring was correct. Put it back the way it was (with the black and white wires connected together -- just make sure you connect the same black and white wires that were connected before and not the other black and white). If you still want to know why this is correct, we'll deal with that tutorial after we get this problem fixed.

You mention an orange glow. Is this a fluorescent fixture? Whether it is or not, have you replaced the bulbs (all of them)?

If you have already replaced all the bulbs, and checked the wiring at the light, and if the light worked fine when you rewired it (except that the switch woundn't turn it off), then the only thing left to cause trouble is the switch.

Turn off the breaker and take out the switch. If it is wired with the back-stab connections, remove those and rewire each connection to the adjacent screw instead.

If this still fails to fix the problem, then replace the switch with a new one that is an exact match.
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Thanks for the reply John...

The light was not a fluorescent bulb. All the bulbs checked out ok. I even checked the fixture by hooking up one I knew worked.

I will work on the switch as you recommend next. I will keep you posted!!
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Well the switch was already wired to the screws, so I just went and purchased a brand new switch. Hooked it all up and everything worked great!!!

Thanks John!!!
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Congratulations on a successful project!

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