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My existing light fixture is in my hallway and is about 5 inches away from the ceiling. New light is a candle looking thing that needs to hang about 12 inches lower than existing fixture. There is a light switch directly below the existing fixture so the wiring should all be right next to the same stud. My question is what is the best way to lower an exising wall light?
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This shouldn't be too bad.[list=1][*]Shut off the circuit breaker.[*]Remove the old fixture.[*]Note the size of the box -- is it a 4x2 rectangular box? Go buy an "old-work" box of the same size.[*]Cut a new hole in the drywall directly below the existing hole and of the same size as your new box. Carefully done, you can use the piece of drywall you cut out to patch the hole above it. Be careful not to damage the cable which will be running behind this new hole.[*]Grab the existing cable and pull it out of the old box and through the new hole in the wall. You will need to help by pushing the cable out of the old box. There will likely also be a staple holding the cable to the stud that you will need to free the wire from (or maybe not if it will still reach with the staple in place).[*]Feed the old cable into the new box.[*]Install the old work box in the hole. It's quite simple.[*]Wire up and mount your new fixture.[*]Patch the old hole in the wall. If you don't want to do drywall patch, you can simply put a blank cover plate over the old box.[/list=1]

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