Electric Heater?


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Hello Everyone,
Just wondering if any one knows of a good energy efficient
240v electric baseboard heater and were I can get them.
Wanting to replace the old ones inside the house.
Thanks Slick
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There's no such thing really as energy-efficient baseboard heat. There's only so much you can do with a resistance heater.
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Thanks John
I thought I've seen something like that before. But I could be wrong.
Thanks Slick
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You probably saw information provided by some sales department.
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Actually electric heat is 100% energy efficient. That is all of the energy that is used provides heat to the building, not like fueled heaters where some of the heat goes out of the building with the exhaust gasses. Now if you are talking about the cost effectiveness of electric and other types of heat, that is a different story.
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I agree with the previous posts. In my opinion the two major pitfalls concerning baseboard resistant heat is the limitation of placing furniture etc. in front of the heaters and blocking those heaters causing output and overheating problems. Severely limits moving furniture around concerning those heaters.

The main problem with baseboard heaters are proper design considering windows and doors, etc. dictating where those heaters should be placed. Many baseboard heater systems were not calculated and sized correctly and placed in hallways etc. thus not effectively blocking the convection heat areas and draft areas such as doors and windows. The draft and air leakage factor can almost make baseboard heat prohibitive due to cost.

If you want to work on efficiency, I suggest that you hire a heat loss company to video tape your home looking for heat sensitive areas located by a heat sensitive camera. This would tell you where you need to help seal you structure of drafts escalating you heating costs.

Hope this helps


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