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When I went to replace a wall mounted light fixture I found that there was no electrical box present at that location. The house was built in the late 70s. The location of the light fixture is in between studs. How would I install a box without moving the location of the light?
Would cutting out the drywall and installing a cross brace stud that I could then use to anchor the electrical box be best? Are there other options?
Bob Moskovics
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Some light fixtures, particularly bathroom wall lights over the mirror, have the electrical box built into the fixture. In these cases, it is common to skip the electrical box -- a Romex cable simply comes through a hole in the drywall.

In this case, you feed the Romex into the light fixture, mount the light fixture to the drywall (or better the studs behind the drywall), and make the connections inside the fixture.

However, if you really want a box, buy an "old work" box. Trace the outline of the box on the wall, cut it out with a drywall saw. Feed the cable into the box, and the box will mount in the hole in seconds -- no drywall repair is necessary. Go to the home improvement store and look at the "old work" boxes and you'll easily see how they work.

Removing the drywall and installing a 2x4 between studs will work fine, and would be recommended if you're installing a very heavy fixture. But then of course you'll have to repair the drywall. I'd try to avoid this.

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