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The power in my childrens bedroom is gone. no ceiling light or receptacles. also all but one of my receptacles in the living room is working. have checked all the breakers in the box and tested them. all test good. have tested all the receptacles not working and their is no power at all. what do you think. need help
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What you discribed sounds like a normal sized complete branch circuit. I would start by going back to the breakers and turn each breaker off one at a time hard to the off position. Then turn them back on. Try turning that breaker on and off a couple of times for each breaker. If you feel a breaker that turns on and off in a different feel then you may have a breaker that may have failed also. I suspect a tripped breaker still even though you checked them before.

If this does not solve the problem then try taking off the panel cover and using a voltage tester make sure there is 120 volts between the breakers screw and the neutral bar. Also take a screw driver and after you have shut off the main breaker retighten all the breaker screws and the neutral and grounding bar screws.

If non of the above solves you problem then come back in. We will have to regroup and come up with the next move toward diagnosis.

Hope this helps

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thank you for e-mailing me back. i have tried evrything you suggested. still not working. evrything was working fine. we did install a ceiling fan in a bedroom. everything was working then. the other bedroom and this bedroom, some of my living room receptacles and also my front porch light is not working. i don't understand. any suggestion you can give would help.
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Check this, if you know or suspect that the 1 outlet that is working in the living room is on the same circuit as the ones that is not working, check here first. Plugs are cheap so you don't have much to lose by this. Switch off the breaker, and look at the working plug , and the plug nearest to it that is not working, check all connections here. Push in stab type conenctions are sometimes a source for problems and the side screw connections are more reliable. You can just change those 2 plugs as it is not much expense, use the side screws not the push stab connectors. Somewhere you have either lost a neutral or a hot. If this doesn't solve it, repost and we will track it further.

What I will likely have you do next is to determine which wire (hot or neutral) is gone astray. Do you have a voltage checker one with probes not one that you mearing plug in to check.
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Well you did shed some new light on the subject. Don may have a good idea and I suspect he came up with it thinking that the possible increased load of the fan may have caused a back connected receptacle connection to have failed. This may be why he is suggesting you look at the last live receptacle on that circuit and the first dead receptacle on that circuit. If you have a failed back stab receptacle connection it most likely will be in one of the two mentioned receptacles in Don's reply.

Another thought is that you may have a power in and out either in your fan switch or fan box that did not make a good connection under a wire nut. If you replaced the fan switch then check the connections in that box. Also check the connections in the box above the fan. You may have a wire not making a connection in a wire nut that you installed while making connections for your new fan.

This can be the problem whether the new fan is working now or not.

Let us know how you come out

Good Luck


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