DSL Static Problems


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Hello, I just got my DSL modem and after hooking it up, it works fine. However, when I receive incoming calls, there is a snow-like static when I pick up the phone. Sometimes only for the first 15 seconds, sometimes doesn't go away. I noticed that the person who owned the house before me moved a phone jack from one wall downstairs to another wall, both in the kitchen which is the closest point to the outside box. The DSL line is upstairs. If anyone can please help, I would greatly appreciate it.
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hey is it noisey on all of your phone jack or just that one? because if it is only from that phone jack it might be a problem with the phone or the wiring.
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All phones

It is a snow-like static on all phones in the house.
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You need to install DSL Filters in all of your phone jacks. Real easy you just plug them in. Your DSL kit should have came with them, or else Radio Shack has them like $7.00 i think or something like that. You don't put a filter on the actual DSL Line
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I followed all directions

I have already put filters on the phone jacks, excluding the DSL jack. I have followed all directions involved in the installation of DSL. I am NOT excluding any part of the directions.
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have you tried connecting a phone to the telephone box outside? if not open the box and plug in a phone and see if its snowy
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Not able to do

I am not able to hook a phone up directly to the outside box because the DSL modem must be connected directly to the box and therefore cannot hook a phone up as well. There is no jack on the modem for a phone extension. Keep in mind, the snow only occurs when the modem is hooked up and trust me, it's not the modem. I've replaced the modem twice already with new ones.
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ok then the only thing i know might be the problem is the phone filters may be messed up.

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