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One of the suggestions to the airline security problem would be to electrically shock a would be attacker trying to enter an airplane cockpit. How could this work?
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This is my opinion only keep this in mind when you read my comments.

Any security system is only as good as the integrity of the knowledge of how it works. If you installed a security system no matter how it works and install the same method in every plane. The way it works will eventually become known to those that want to breach it. Once that knowledge of how it works is known then most imaginative people can provide a method around that security system. This is true whether it is an armed guard on each plane to a missle projected electrode to shock any unauthorized person entering a cockpit by stabbing that person with electrodes that provide a debilitating shock. Common change of security types and integrity of secretes as to how it works is your only best chance of providing security. When you are talking of securing a project as large as the entire airlines of the world, this would almost if not be an impossible endeavor. Sneak attack at unknown times is the hardest enemy to protect yourself from.

Wish I had a better opinion or better suggestion, but this subject is not easily dealt with.


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