light bulbs burn out once a week!


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I've got three sconces in my bathroom that mount with the bulbs facing downward. The bulbs seem to burn out REALLY frequently! I know that there are some bulbs that are made to be only in an upright position, but the ones I bought say they can go either up or down. I've also used your normal everyday bulbs and have the same thing happen. Should I try something really heat resistant like an appliance bulb? It seems like I've read that this problem can also indicate that something is wrong with the electrical system, but I just don't remember exacly what the details are. Any suggestions? Incidently, the problem isn't moisture because we're still renovating and have never run anything but the sink in the bathroom.
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Many things may cause your bulbs to prematurely burn out.

You said you were still renovating. Hammering hard enough to vibrate those bulbs can knock out that bulb.

Check the wattage rating of the globe and fixture. If you install large wattage bulbs that the globe can dissipate the heat will also cause premature failure.

Loose connection on the white wire if a neutral can also cause premature failure.

Running the lights long hours can cause often changing of the bulbs being required. A normal bulb usually have a life expectancy of about 1000 hours or less if oversized or constant use of more than 3 hours.

Resolve options;

Vibration = rough service bulbs.

too high wattage = reduce wattage thus reducing heat build up.

Constant or usage of more than 3 hours or more may invite you to buy the more expensive flourescent adapter bulbs that screw in place of normal incandescent bulbs. May cost more but greatly by months increase life expectancy with equal lumen output.

Hope this helps


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