Splitter box and going to smaller guage wire


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This is one question for which I have never had a specific answer. The power enters my house and goes through a 200 amp disconnect using 000 guage wire (with 200A fuses) It then continues on with the same size wire to a 200 amp rated splitter box, from which I have have the power split two ways: one side continues with 000 wire through an 18" long PVC conduit to my main breaker panel, which has its own 200 amp main breaker. So far so good. The other branch from the splitter box is the one my question concerns. It is a sheathed (romex) 3/3 cable plus ground (rated 100 amps) that runs about 30 inches along a basement concrete wall and then goes through a hole in another concrete wall that forms an inside corner with the first wall. On the other side of that wall, the wire enters the back of a 100 amp fused disconnect that then feeds a smaller 100 amp breaker panel.

Is this OK as far as having 30 inches of 100 amp rated wire splitting off from a circuit that is essentially protected for 200 amps, even though it is then fused for 100 amps immediately on the other side of the wall and before going to any loads ? If it is OK, is sheathed sufficient or must it be in a conduit ? The 30 inch section is not exposed to any human traffic or possible mechanical damage. The neutral is bonded to ground only at the first 200 amp disconnect, in case anyone brings this up. Thanks.
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This looks like a legal tap under the 25' tap rule in 240-21(b)(2). The requirements to use this rule in addition to having tap conductors of 25' or less are:

a) The tap conductors must have an ampacity of at least 1/3 of the source overcurrent protective device (OCPD)

b) The tap conductors must terminate in a single circuit breaker or set of fuses that will limit the load to the ampacity of the tap conductors.

c) The tap conductors must be suitably protected from physical damage or enclosed in a raceway.

It looks like you meet all of these requirements.

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Well said Don. I agree and back your interpretation.

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Thanks guys, I just wanted to be sure.

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