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I am in the process of trying to rebuild an old doorbell. The bell invloves 4 solenoids hitting chimes at prescribed times (six strikes). The old timing mechanism was mechanical but I would like to do it electrically. I am having a hard time finding an electric timer. I found some timing modules but i would need 7 and they would cost too much. So what Im looking for is a module that can send a voltage (ac or dc) at 6 different times. Any sort of guidance would be really appreciated.


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There are two methods to do as you wish that I can think of.

First is a sequencer. This is a device that has several contacts that make contact as a rotor is turned by a small timing motor. They are not that expensive but hard to find. You should be able to locate one at your local electronic store or electrical wholesale house. You most likely will find that you will have to order this product. They are not commonly stocked in the stores.

The second option is buying separate time delay modules one for each activation of your chimes. Set the time delay setting at desired time delay settings as you desire. This option is hard to work with due to the close proximity of your activation times. The accuracy of these time delay modules are not usually accurate to the seconds. These time delay modules should be easier to find at the same stores as above.

Hope this helps

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If you go to: http://www.herbach.com/catalog.htm and click on "timers" you will find some motor driven cam operated multipole timers that should do what you want. If not check some of the other sources listed at: http://www.amasci.com/supliers.html#surp3


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