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I am trying to rewire an outdoor shop. I have power going to the shop the breaker is about 30 yards away from the shop. when I hook up the electric outlet I have 120v of power. when I plug something in I test it and only have 64v to the outlet and the tool does not work. I am at a loss with this. it is 10 gauge wire and the receptical that is between the breaker box and the shop works fine it is about 15 yards from both the shop and the breaker. Any idea what might be my problem? I have tried a new receptical in the shop. What could be the problem.

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Could it be that you wired two things in series?

Unplug everything from every receptacle on this circuit (even clocks and things turned off). Turn off every switch on this circuit. If you have pull-chain fixtures, remove the bulbs. Make sure you know all outlets that are on this circuit. Then do your test again.

Then describe your wiring in more detail.
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Beyond what John is asking, look and tell us how far it is in feet from the transformer serving power to those buildings to the last receptacle that you have on that branch circuit you are having trouble with. While you are looking at that tell us the smallest conductor between that transformer of the utility company and that last receptacle. 30 yard is only 90' how far away is the tranformer and is the 90' accurate?

Might also help


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