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2nd floor apartment with its own circuit breaker panel. Lost power to the den which is wired to a seperate 10 amp breaker. Did not appear that the breaker tripped but cannot get power back to the den by turning breaker off/on. Only outlets and light switches in the room and only have basics, like TV, stereo, lamps in the room. No major power consumption in the room. Could the breaker itself have failed without any warning sign?
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10 amp breaker? Never seen one.
Should be a 15 or 20 amp, depending on the wire gauge.

Are there any GFCI outlets ANYWHERE?
Look all over the place (every room) and trip and reset them all.

It's also possible the breaker is bad. Did you turn it all the way off and back on? Does the breaker stay on?

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You're right. I'm sure it's a 15 amp breaker. I have not seen any GFCI's in the apartment but I will check. Power to the rest of the rooms from that same panel is OK. The breaker itself looks relatively new and turned off and on fine and has stayed on. I tried to pull the individual breaker out but it was real stiff and I wasn't sure it would come out without me breaking it. It's on the right side of the panel at the top. There is the contact screw holding the black wire and then a screw above and behind it that appears to be the one holding it to the panel itself. Does this sound correct??
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Usually the breakers just rock out of the panel and are not screwed down. You pry the breaker from the middle of the panel and it will rock towards the outside until you can free the plastic "u" shaped clip on the bottom of the breaker off of the metal edge of panel.

Before doing this...I would check that black wire with a meter to see if it has power when the breaker is on...If it does, then the breaker is probably OK. (put your meter between the black wire on the breaker and the white ground bar and check for 120 volts)

The GFIC button is a common fix for the problem you describe, and they are almost always installed in the bathroom or kitchen sink areas (anywhere close to water).
Especially in apartments.

If none of this is the problem, I would be trying to trace the first place that this breaker goes and take a look inside the box for a loose wirenut or connection. If I didn't know which one was first, I would start with the closest one to the panel and cross my fingers! Work your way around the room from there. Sometimes the problem lies in the last good box before the dead run.

Good back with your findings.
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Thank you for the advice. This web sight is really a great thing, especially when folks like you take the time to reply with such good knowledge. I have only been in this apartment a short time and a friend from out of town came to visit. The day he left is when this problem surfaced. What was discovered was that the power to the room is wired to a switch in the room that is hidden behind some curtains. I did not remember that this switch was there. My buddy, while searching for a way to turn out the outside porch light, turned the power switch off. Sometimes, there are these moments that you feel so stupid. But at least I found it before I called an electrician to come over and validate my stupidity.

Thanks Again,

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