4AWG copper Equip Grnd Conductor


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Thanks Tom! The main disconect will be off the transformer to my main (meter). I am then responsible for the 325'run of 4/0. When I looked at my present panel it has 3- 2/0 cables from the transformer but only about 50'. I was told many things by the Wholesale counter clerks. I did not know how to calculate the power loss for the distance so I quessed 4/0 would work. I am having trouble seeing the run from the main breaker panel to my 200amp subpanel. I think I have to place 4- #4/0 cables in conduit to the subpanel (200amp shop) then place cable undergrnd to the mobile which has a 125amp panel. Can I use 2/0 for the grounding instead of 4/0 copper and what is 4AWG? I am not sure what a grounding conductor is. I wired my present house for solar so the wire is larger. I did not do the panels. I will have a contractor wire up the panel. I am just trying to same some on labor. This is all new for this gal. I am very visual and I know I am having trouble seeing the needed setup.
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I have ported your response over to your original thread, to maintain continuity. Please look for any continuation in your original thread.
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Hold the phone guys ! I suspect we are dealing in the wrong code references and wrong required wiring styles. Like John said this reply was moved to the post called 4/0 CABLE ETC. I will reply further about my Code concerns about the wiring style their also.


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