Low Voltage (90 volts)


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I have a circuit in the kitchen that has a GFI as the first thing in the circuit. It controls the kitchen outlets (not refrigerator) and the overhead light. The other day while using the microwave the power went out. The GFI wasnít tripped nor was the breaker. I thought the GFI had gone bad, since pushing the TEST button and RESET got no results. I disconnected the wires from the GFI and tested the voltage coming from the breaker box and got a reading of 91 volts.

I replaced the GFI and checked (reseated) the breaker and got 120 volts and everything was working fine. The microwave was used several times (over 2 days). Today the same thing happened, using the microwave the power went out.

Checking the power again by removing the wires from the GFI and got 90 volts. I replace the breaker with a new one. If I test from the white wire to ground (sink) I got 18.8 volts. If I test from the black wire to ground (sink) I got 120 volts. But if I check the White to Black Iím only getting 90 volts. Any ideas? Thanks

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You say this GFI is the first connection on the circuit. Is it possible that there is a junction box with wirenuts somewhere between the GFI and the breaker. This may be where your problem is located. If you are sure the wire comes directly from the breaker to the GFI then the problem is most likely either in the panel or the box containing the GFI itself. What I strongly suspect is a loose connection in your white wire. Check where the white wire is connected at the neutral bar in the panel for a loose connection. Then check in the GFI box for a loose connection including wire nuts. Be sure you don't have a junction box between those to points that you have forgotten. Pretty sure you have a loose white wire. This is in response to your specific discription. Your loose connection may be in the next receptacle or switch after that but you seem to show the low voltage between the black and white in the first GFI box which leads me to suggest the above.

Let us know what you find.

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After checking on the white wire being secure in the box, I found that it was in a hole with no screwdown ability. I changed it to where it could be secured and full power. Thanks for the help.
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Glad that we could help

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Very impressive Wg. Your answer was dead on!!

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