Underground 200 Amp main wire size.


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I'm installing new 200 amp service to my new house.
Should I use 3/0 XLP/USE copper or 2 Gauge XLP/USE?
I was told by the Elelctric Company to install it in plastic conduit. If I choose to use 3/0 will it fit into the terminal block on my CH type 200 amp box. I plan to
use 2" SCH 40 PVC for the underground buried 3 feet and SCH 80 for the portions that are exposed.I plan to use (2)- 8 foot 1/2 " grounding rods,#4 copper with 1/2" PVC outside for grounding,and bonded to metal water pipe.Also do I need two wires,If I buy them will they be seperate so I will need 100 ft for a 50 ft run?( allowing extra at each end for connection) thanks,
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You have a whole lot of if ands and buts involved in your question. A lot depends on a lot of other things and conditions. Try reading the following information located at the following link. Just click on this link and then when you get there click on read the entire article. Once you have a broad picture of what is involved and what can change the answers to the questions you asked then come in and ask the questions you didn't get answered being more explicit where the 3/0 copper cables are to be installed in the service and what they will feed from and to. Many things can change the answers to the questions you asked. Try the link below and ask more specific questions with more specific condictions. If this dwelling is residential 2/0 copper or 4/0 aluminum is minimum service conductor sizes yet you mentioned 3/0 which is bigger and should be fine and should connect to the lugs of you panel without problems. There is just a lot more to your questions than you realize. For example normally the Utility company will furnish and install the underground lateral conductors to your meter mounted on the home. There must be a reason that you are installing underground feeders. We don't know what that reason is yet.

Read and come back with more questions and data.


Hope this helps

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I'm going with Aluminum 4/0 3-wire ready for ground exposure. This came out to be the most economical, and the best as I'm going to install it in 2" PVC( I don't think the inspector will argue with direct ground contact enclosed in conduit.)This will connect my service box to the meter via trench of 45 feet.Thanks for the link & HELP.

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