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I have a situation here. I need to run an extension cord from the outside into the house into one of the outlets. Here is where it gets good. I don't want anyone to know that this cord is coming into the house, so I don't want to be able to visually see it plugged in. I want the outlet to be able to be used as normal. So I need some help.
Is there any way for me to somehow spice into the outlet and put another outlet on the inside of the wall, so that I don't have to use that outlet, just the power from it?
I know this seems a little strange, but I really need some ideas.

Thanks everybody
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First point: I'd expect someone who calls themselves "intelectual" to be able to spell it correctly at least. It's "Intellectual". Unless you mean something else...

Second point: I'm guessing that you are using someone else's electricity without paying for it. Why else would you not want somebody to see this extension cord?

By running an extension cord from the outside, where I assume you are plugging a male plug into a normal female receptacle, and then plugging it into a second receptacle to power that receptacle, then you must have a male plug on both ends. This is not only forbidden by the electrical code, but it is potentially lethal if the indoor end of the plug were removed with exposed live prongs.

The other possibility here is that you're powering something outdoors FROM the indoor receptacle which is your own electricity which you rightfully pay for. Since you said "...run an extension cord from the outside into the house into one of the outlets...", I assumed that "from" meant that's where the power is obtained, and that "to" implies where the power is being delivered. I simply can't imagine why you can't have anybody see this cord if what you're doing is legal.

Maybe if you clarify we could help you more. I'd love to find out my assumptions are incorrect. But if you're heisting power illegally I doubt you'll find anybody in here willing to help you do it.

Sorry this is not what you wanted to hear.

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Thumbs down code violation!!!

Hidden receptacles, electrical boxes, fixtures, etc. are a significant National Electrical Code violation.
where is this power need to go to outside? what does it power?

I how do you intend for this cord to be hidden?
Not underground, or in the wall, etc. (NEC violation!)

explain this idea of hidden wiring more.


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