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I'm installing 3 baseboard heaters upstairs and am using a load center to power. They are 240 volts and 2000 watts, 2000 watts, and 1000 watts. I have 10-2 run from the main to the load center and 10-3 to the heaters. I am using 20 amp double breakers. Does this mean I should use a 60 amp double breaker in the main and how do I wire the load center? Also, how do I hook a thermostat to each heater?
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No. With 10 guage wire going from the main to the load centre, the highest amperage breaker you can use at the main is a 30 amp double pole. This is OK however, because the total current drawn by all your baseboard heaters will be about 21 amps, so this falls within the "80% of continuous load" rule. Each baseboard heater could then use a 20 amp double pole breaker. All this assumes that nothing else will be connected to that load centre. With 10-2 going to it, you will not have a neutral. Each thermostat will be connected in series with its heater (ie: one wire from breaker to thermostat , other thermostat wire to baseboard heater, and last connection at baseboard heater connected to other side of double pole breaker (probably wire nutted together in the thermostat's junction box). If you have 10-3 wire going to your baseboard heaters, the white wire will not be used. Just cap it off with wire nuts at both ends.
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so how do I connect the wires in the load center?
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The 10-2 wire that comes from the main likely has a black and a red conductor. These will go the each phase or leg of the load centre. The neutral bar will have no wires going to it at all. Each double pole breaker will have two screw connections. For each wire going to a thermostat ( I'm assuming that the load wires go to the thermostat junction boxes first ), you connect the red wire to one breaker screw and the black wire to the other. You MUST use one breaker per thermostat! The white wire will not be used and should be capped with a wire nut. At the thermostat, connect the two black wires together with a wire nut and connect the red wire from the load centre to one wire of the thermostat, and the red wire from the baseboard heater to the other thermostat wire. Any place a white wire shows up, cap it off. Finally, at the baseboard connect the red wire and the black wire to the baseboard as indicated with the baseboard's instructions. In the load centre (and everywhere else too) connect the bare ground wires together and to the grounding screws provided. Also at the load centre, remove any screw that is identified as a "bonding" screw even if the neutral bar is not connected, just for completedness's sake. If these datailed instructions still leave you with some questions, you should have a qualified person at least check your work before applying power. Good luck.

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