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Hello Again,

I was here before and I am finally able to come back with the information requested.

I installed new switches in my hall..(two of the kind of switches you can turn off and on from opposite sides of the room). Well the switches will only work if the opposite switch is in the correct directions (on or off). Someone on the forum requested that I match the wiring to the old wiring...But I tossed the old swithes. But I was told that If I tell what the wires look like maybe someone can help. So here goes..... I have 2 black and 1 red wire, they are all joined together at the base by one of those "electrical caps" the switch has one silver, bronze, and one black screw on them. (hopefully that is enough, otherwise let me know.)

My second question is that I bought new lights for my hall way. But the paperwork in the box says that "For supply connections, use wire suitable for 90'C, Warning for the risk of fire. Most dwellings. Built before 1985 have supply wire rated 60'C. Consult a qualified Electrician before installiing." My home was built 50 years ago. How can I besure my wiring is ok to prevent fire prior to installing????

I think I will end it here and next time ask my dimmer question.....
Thank you.
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I have 2 black and 1 red wire, they are all joined together at the base by one of those "electrical caps" the switch has one silver, bronze, and one black screw on them.
Not quite sure I understand this. It makes it seem like the wires are all connected to each other, but none of them is connected to the switch. Is something connected to these three screws on the switch? And exactly what is "the base"?

Since I don't understand the above, I'll temporarily ignore it until you clarify.

Let me make some assumptions, which may be totally wrong. I assume that you have the same cables at each switch box. At each switch box, you have two cables. One cable has has a black and a white, and the other cable has a black, a red, and a white.

If this is true, then make the following connections at each switch. Connect the two white wires together with a wire nut. Find the black wire that is in the same cable with a white wire, but not with a red wire. Connect this black wire to the black screw on the 3-way switch. Connect the other black wire and the red wire to the other two screws (not the green grounding screw, if any).
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Thank you,

I understand... I confuse myself sometimes.

I will take a look today after work with your suggestion.
I will let you know.

Do you have any idea's about the hall lights?
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Hi Shiela1

Did you figure out your hallway switches yet? Sounds like a problem we had with our hall switch. You could turn the lights on from one switch only. The other one tripped the breaker!

When I looked into it they told me to make sure I had two
3-way switches. Make sure the switches are both in the same place. Two screws up and one screw down. Separate your wires from the electrical cap. Put one black wire on the bottom screw, put the other two wires (red and black) on the top two. Just make sure the same wires connect to the same colored screw. ie. Red to silver and black to the other color.

Let me know how you make out.

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Thank you Vic,

Between the two of you I should have this completed tonight...

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