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I just obtained a cable modem for my computer(in the basement) and need to network it to a computer on the third of the town house I reside in. I understand that the best way to run the T1 line between floor is through the wall. What is the best way to run wiring from the third floor to the basement behind a wall? What tools do I need to fish the wire between floors? Whhat is the best way to find a clear path bewteen floors if I don't have blueprints?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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The easiest way to find a direct line between the basement and the third floor is next to or in a hot or cold air duct. You could probably run the T1 line in the return if you want to, since the cable is insulated. I ran a cable TV line on the outside of the house to the second floor when I didn't want to tear into a wall. Good Luck,
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Why are you running a T1 line for the Cable Modem. You should be using RG-6, if you're looking to put the cable modem in the 3rd floor w/ the incoming in the basement. If you're looking to put the pc connection in the 3rd floor w/the modem in the basement then it's CAT5 or better.

If you're looking to use the ducts then you'd have to get plenum wire.

Also, if you're planning to share the cable modem between the two PCs and only want to pay for one IP address then you'll need a router a well.

Here's a link that I've answered in the past.


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