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could you please tell me how to wire a new circuit
I'am bring power from the panel do I need to go to the switch first or can I start at an outlet or light I want to install 5 lights and 4 outlets,lights to operate of new switch and outlets to be live all the time.

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go to the first item nearest the home run from the panel. Jump from there to the next both ways, when you reach the switch, or if it was first the wire to the lights will only run the lights! None of the plugs! Do not come from a light to a plug. You can come from the switch to a plug.
Now all plug boxs have at least 1 black,white,bare, wire in them.
The switch box has 1 black,white,bare,wire going out to the lights, light to light to light. You need 1 or 2 more black,white,bare wires in the switch box; depending on how the wire was run.ie. from plug to switch to plug = 3 wires of each.
In the plug boxs twist and pigtail the black,white,bare, wires to be put on the plugs.
In the switch box the black going to the lights will go on the switch, the whites,bare,wires get twisted bare pigtail for ground on switch white wirenut and roll into box, black (hot) pigtail and put on switch.
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Run 12/2-plus-ground Romex from your panel to the first outlet location.

I'm assuming this circuit is not in a bathroom or kitchen (there are other considerations if this is the case). I'm also assuming there are no dedicated loads to be put on this circuit, just general-use stuff.

From the first outlet location, run the same Romex to outlet 2, then 2 to 3, then 3 to 4.

From outlet 1, run 12/2-plus-ground to the switch location.
From the switch box, run 12/2-plus-ground to the first light, from this light run 12/2-plus-ground to light 2, then light 2 to 3, 3 to 4, and 4 to 5.

Outlet 1 - you should have 3 sets of cables. Connect all the blacks plus a 6-inch piece of black insulated wire with a wire nut. Connect all the whites plus a 6-inch piece of white insulated wire with a wire nut. Connect the 6 inch pieces to the outlet, black to brass, white to silver.

At the next 2 outlets, you will have 2 cables. connect them the same as you did at outlet 1.

The last outlet has 1 cable. Connect it to the outlet, black to brass, white to silver.

At the last light, connect the single cable to the fixture, per the instructions. At all other lights, use the same method as you did with the outlets, keeping the colors together and include the fixture wires, by color.

At the switch, connect both whites together with a wire nut. Connect the black from the first light fixture to one screw of the switch, and the black from the first outlet to the other screw of the switch.

Make sure all grounds are connected, and all devices are connected to ground.
Use a 15amp or 20 amp breaker in the panel.

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You might want to try the following link. There are some wiring diagrams that may help you to understand what the previous replies are saying.

Hope this helps


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