How many outlets, or light aloud per curcit?


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I am doing a basement rooms. I will be having a workshop area, (18x14), a rec. area, (30x18), a bath room, and bar area, (12x12. Some of this I know from other project I have done. Like kit. with atlest two 20 amp curcits, frig. on it own circut, and microwave. In the bath one GFI within 36" of sink.
1) how may outlets. or light units or compo of can be place on one curcit.
2) cand the bathroom be tie in to another room?

Thanks! have did wireing before, but the Nat. codes do not explain this.
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The NEC requires that you have a minimum ampacity serving you general lighting of 3 volt amps per square foot. If calculated out you could put all your receptacles and lights on a number of circuits allowing a maximum of 10 outlets per 15 amp circuit or 13 outlets on a 20 amp circuit. There are some specialty circuits as you said such as kitchens, nooks, pantry, bathroom, laundry. Just make sure that you don't physically overload your circuit by installing more that 24 - 100 watt light bulbs on on 20 amp circuit. You need to be aware of how much load your light fixtures will pull. Actually the NEC allows you to load heavier than that 24 - 100 watt light bulbs by using the diversity calculated in the 3 va per square foot. Would not advise that though if you plan to run all light fixtures at the same time.

Your bathroom has two wiring choices. Run a single 20 amp circuit to that bathroom and wire everything in that bathroom allowed on that on dedicated bathroom circuit without leaving that bathroom with that circuit or install a 20 amp circuit dedicated to bathroom receptacles throughout the home without anything but bathroom recpetacles on that circuit.

By the way while it is nice to run the refrig in your kitchen on a dedicated circuit it is not required by the NEC. You are allowed to include the refrig to be on with one of the 2 required small appliance branch circuits. Remember these two 20 amp receptacle circuits required to serve the kitchen counter is not limited to just 2 but are limited so that you must not have anything except kitchen receptacles, refrig, clock, or igniter of gas stove on with those small appliance branch circuits.

Good Luck

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