$$$$ vs. Light

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I am besieged as an electrical contractor by all this energy saving, retrofit, efficacy & or efficacious lighting.
I get mailings ,as well as solictitaions to 'lighting'luncheons.
everyone say 'efficacious' now....chomp, chomp the celery...
There are homes that are retrofitted via programs with rebates that result in a PL-13 or two per room, at which the resident kicks back bragging about how much $$$ they're saving & how 'green' they are.

Of course your saving $$$$, BECAUSE YOUR IN THE %$@# DARK, YOU 3-TOED SLOTHS!

I have maintained the true MPG ( i.e.- efficacy there's that word again!)is lumens vs watts consumed, and have asked this Q of many of these manufacturer's
(they hate me by now)
As far as i know, there is no universal scale or accountability for this that is shown on ALL packaging.
There would seem to be more fixation on THD
ohmygod....loook at the THD Ethel!
than any such figure.
The visible spectrum 400-700nm? is rarely addressed.
There should be some way or means to separate this 'manufacturing hype' from reality.

Ahhhh, that feels better....

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Wirenuts, only someone of your skill level often sees the hype you are talking of. Also only someone of your skill level comes up with such statements and or questions that often have no good answer.

I truly enjoyed your satire in this post and can say that I cannot agree with you more, nor can I say that I could have said it better. TWO TOED SLOTH, is this good or bad? Ha Ha.


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