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How do I keep an outlet hot? I have an outlet that is controlled by a switch. I want to bypass the switch and have the outlet hot all the time. There are only two wires coming into the switch. I haven't opened the outlet yet. Is this something best left to an professional?
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Well the first thing I would do is open the outlet box and see what wires are in there.

Step 1 in all of these situations is to turn off the breaker.

1). If there are wires that bypass the outlet you can use those. Disconnect the hot wire coming from the switch and pigtail the bypassing hot wire to the outlet. Pigtailing meaning connect a small length to the hot wire with a wire nut by the bypassing hot wire.

2). If there are only 2 wires in the outlet box then you disconnect the supplying hot wire to the switch and connect that to the hot wire that is running to the outlet. I am not 100% sure that if the wires are different colors if this is to code or not. You may have to fish a third wire that matches the color of the hot wire that is supplying the switch, then connect that to the outlet. Hopefully someone else in this forum can answer this question.

3). There is also an option where you can split the outlet to where 1/2 of the outlet is always hot and the other 1/2 is on the switch. To do this fish a third wire from the switch to the outlet. Connect the new wire to the hot wire that is supplying the switch with a pigtail and connect the other half to the outlet. MAKE SURE THAT YOU BREAK OFF THE BRASS TAB OF METAL ON THE OUTLET !!!
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Here are other options. Choose one:
  • Turn off the circuit breaker. Take the switch out, disconnect those two wires, and connect them to each other with a wire nut instead of to the switch. Throw the switch away and put a blank cover plate on the switch box.
  • Turn the switch on and put a piece of masking tape over it to keep people from turning it off.
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