Mobile Home: Flickering Lights Annoyance


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Angry Mobile Home: Flickering Lights Annoyance

After buying mobile home, have noticed consistant annoying flickering of lights in all rooms. What would be the best way to
track down the problem? I would like to correct this without spending too much money!
Any help or suggestions is appreciated,
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The first thing you need to do is to establish the pattern. When do they flicker? Do they flicker when you turn something on? Do they flicker when the refrigerator kicks on? Do they flicker when something happens at the neighbor's (this one is hard to determine)? Or do they flicker when absolutely nothing happens?

Then you need to determine what circuits they flicker on, and whether the correlation above is on the same circuit as the flicker.

After gathering information, it's usually wise to contact your power company. Some power companies are amazingly helpful and will do a thorough check of your system. Other power companies are amazingly not helpful, and won't do anything until you've had an electrician check out your side first.

The two most common causes are overloads and loose connections. Either of these could be in a number of different places. It is within the skill level of many homeowners to check for loose connections inside their house (with the breakers off of course). Many times it's simply a case of moving push-in connections to the adjacent screws on receptacles and switches -- note that done incorrectly, however, this can really screw things up. An electrician and the power company can check for other loose connections.

Sometimes your electrical system is merely poorly designed, or underdesigned. After ruling out all possible forms of loose connections, both inside and outside your house, there is some flickers that you just have to live with.

Post back with results of your investigations, and we may be able to speculate more precisely.
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Thank You for the good advice! I will investigate these things and report what I find. Have already ruled out all other electric devices and motors inside the building. The flickering appears to be random (goes away for a few secs and comes back) without any noticable pattern. Will need to get under the house to check for loose or coroded contacts. And yes, I will definitly remove power at the breaker before checking ANYTHING! ;-)

Thanks Again,

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Mobile Home wireing

Hi, I live in an older Mobile Home and have had this same type of problem. Called the guy to check this out. It turned out to be that the switches were just worn out. Not getting a good connection and the result was the flickering. He replaced the light switch in the kitchen and all was ok. Each new flickering shows that another switch needs replaced.
I hope your problem can be fixed as easily as mine was.
[email protected] from Northern Michigan
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Flickering of lights as John was saying depicts either a loose connection or feeders too small somewhere in the feeders supplying hte home. John was asking where the flickering was experienced. The reason he asked this is if the flickering in throughout the home then we would suspect a loose connection or too small feeders supplying the home from the power source. This loose connection can be in the home panel, in the outside panel, in the Utility company connections between the outside panel to the serving transformer on the utility pole or ground pot.

If the flickering is limited to a certain room then we would be looking at a problem on a single branch circuit, possibly being a worn out device, or loose connection on that small branch circuit.

Big key is true report as to where the flickering is being experienced.

Second big key is if a larger motor or heating load is coming on when the flickering is experienced like the water heater coming on because someone just took a bath or if the furnace kicked on when the flickering was experienced.

These facts tell us where to tell you to look. Without the accurate reports what is happening where and when then you will be looking for a needle in a hay stack.

Take a piece of paper and note anything that came on or shut off and where when you notice the flickering. Then John can have enough info to tell you where to look.

Good Luck


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