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why a breaker box as opposed to a fuse box?
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Why is it better? Why is it there in your house? Why is it used today?

Why what?
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If your asking why install breaker boxes rather then fuse boxes there are a variety of advantages to breakers. Breakers are a resetable device that stops the circuit flow when the current exceeds its maximum continuous load, whereas a fuse is a one time affair and connot be reused. Overall cost is usually less as time passes, as fuses generally will blow with age. With a breaker you can have a more acurate trip time as entire circuits can be incorprated in the breaker to insure the proper trip time as well as set up to handle Gfi's. For safety the breaker is a much better system for most applications.
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Fuse boxes are not better than breaker boxes when it comes to protecting conductors. While breakers are resetable and fuses are not normally resetable. Fuses have worked fine doing their assigned job for years. Even today fuses are commonly used in large disconnects. You can even use fuses where you are not allowed to use breakers, surprise?

Todays code still recognizes the use of fuses. New rules apply forbidding the installation of fustron style screw in fuses. Fustat style screw in fuses are now required to replace fustron. Fustat fuses have a unique thread design prohibiting the home owner from installing bigger fuses as a quick suicidal fix to an irritating fuse blowing problem.

Most often older fuse panels are replaced with the more common breaker panels used today becuase the fuse box is old and has been heated and cooled for many years making them more unreliable concerning loose connections within that older fuse style panel and often damage has already occurred due to those loose connections and people are having problems with fuses blowing etc. before any inspections or work is done to correct the problems with that tired old fuse box.

Way too many times in the electrical trade way too many people look at a service upgrade as a cure all when all they really needed was to split up their overloaded branch circuits. Once they are done with the service upgrade and if properly installed breakers are installed they still have the overloaded branch circuits tripping the new breakers instead of the old fuses.

Live and learn, they say;


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