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Post extension cord adapters

Hi everybody,

I would like to ask a question here as I can't see a similar one yet.

I have my computer plugged into an extension cord that has 6 outlets and also has a surge protector built in. What happened is that sometimes when I switch off this particular point, the light indicator on this point does not go off.

Does it mean that the extension is spoilt or the computer plug is spoilt?

When I experienced this the first few times, I bought a new extension cord. After a while, the same thing happened again.

What I did was to switch off the main power point which this cord was plugged into, unplug from the main point, therefore, the light indicator is off. Then I unplug the computer plug. After that, I put back the computer plug and the main power point plug and switch on the main power point. At this time, the light indicator is off, which is the way it is supposed to be.

I am sorry for the poor explanation, please ask anything if still not clear.

Am I doing the right thing? Also, how do I 'cure' this problem?
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If I follow you...the light on your outlet strip is causing some confusion.
Some outlet strips have an indicator light on them that is on any time they are plugged into power (no matter if you have them turned on or not) Some outlet strips only turn on their indicator light when you turn the switch on allowing power to flow thru them...depends on make and model.
The little lights that are on power strips often are connected poorly and flicker or don't work right anyway, but this has little or no bearing on the function of the strip.
If I were you, I would plug in a lamp to the strip and switch it on and off and see how the indicator light works in comparison to the lamp. Then maybe you will see what the indicator is telling you as compared to the output of the strip.
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It sounds to me like the switch on the power point may be flaky. (The Americans here might not know that in the UK the outlets have switches.) Maybe when you think you have turned it off, you haven't. The lamp test sounds like a good plan, then you will know what is going on for sure. (Guessing about the UK bit, but the language is not American!)

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Hi Jn and Jlbos 83 and all out there,

Thanks for both of your prompt replies.

I guess I should have introduced myself a little bit. I am from Singapore. And you are right Jlbos83, I am not American and Singapore once was a British colony.

Yes, each outlet point have its own switches. I will definitely try Jn's suggestion in finding out whether the power current is on, when the light is on. Thanks for the suggestion, JN. Definitely, it is a gem for troubleshooting.

To go further, I think there is something significant, about the fact that 2 different extension cords act the same way, ie after a while, it is the power point that the PC uses, has the same symptoms. Is there some particular thing that makes it behave like that?

Also, will it help if I was to change the fuse in the PC plug? I'm worried that the problem might be the early stage of a breakdown in the PC plug?

Thanks again.
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It is not the fuse. If the PC is always working right, the problem is probably just the indicator light, and is not worth worrying too much about. The lamp test would tell you for sure.
When I was writing before I was thinking that you could be elsewhere, I was thinking Australia, but Singapore makes perfect sense. While living in England I thought that the switches on the outlets were a good thing.

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Hi Jlbos,

Well, actually I did not want to say anything about the computer because I did not want to confuse the issue if it is not related.

But since you mentioned it, I did have some problems with my CDRom drive which suddenly could not work. So I got it replaced a few times, and the same problem arose every time. So far, I was not able to solve this problem.

But what prompted me to look closely at the power point is because my Internal Zip Drive started with 2 or 3 clicks and then could not read any zip disks. So I thought it was the 'click of death' but after visiting their web page for troubleshooting, I tried their suggestion about switching to a different power point. I did that for the PC and the Zip drive works. I remembered the zip disk problem started the day after I had this wierd indicator light thing.

So now, I thought that if something is wrong with the PC plug, I might be able to prevent problems related to the plug.

PS. I hesitate to replace the extension cord again, because it seems to me that the indicator light symptoms happens with only the PC plug point.

Well, I'll take any suggestions and advice.
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Can you reach another power point with the extension cord? No, that's not it, I just reread your post, and you are on your second power point. Is the plug from the PC a permanent attachment, or is it a installed one like many in the UK. Maybe a wire is loose in that plug. If you took it apart you could make sure that all the screws are tight, the wires are under them, etc. Of course if it is a built on plug that is not really possible to check. When the indicator at the power point is out is the computer working?

Good luck,
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Hi Jlbose

Thanks for your reply.

The pc plug can be taken apart. Will do that to ensure that all wires are okay inside.

Well, when the indicator light is off, the computer does not turn on. I will try whether the computer turns on when the power point switch is off and the indicator light is lighted to see if the computer can be turned on. If it dosen't turn on then I suppose it is just the indicator.

But if the pc can be turned on, even though on/off switch is off but indicator light is on. Then something is really really wrong, right???????? :-)

Anyway, this symptom happens once in a while, so I hope it happens in the near future, so we can troubleshoot.

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