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Another "flickering" question

For no apparant reason (refrigerator cycling or heat system coming on, etc) the lights throughout my home are dimming on a consistent basis...then within a second returning to full strength. This has just started in the past 24 hours. What should I check or who should I phone first? I live in a city, on a corner lot with a service pole at the back of my property line that regulates several homes on my block. I have had problems with non-detectable surges in the past. (No visible surges in the lights, yet enough to damage an old computer. This was resolved when I purchased a UPS protector for my current computer system) but the surges/spikes have never been to this extent of dimming the lights. The home is 33 years old......but with all modern appliances, etc. Is there any immediate danger? Thanks!

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I would first perform a demand load calculation following the format provided at the following link. Then I would compare the minimum service size required by the NEC using that format to the service size you have now. If you service is running too small or border line then I would perform a service upgrade telling the power company and electrical inspector that you have increased you demand load over time and are experiencing dimming of lights. This may spur the power company to upgrade the size wire going to your house from the transformer. Most likely you will find a neighbor upgrading his service soon after you have robbed extra power from that transformer if you receive an upgraded service drop from the power company without them upgrading their transformer.

Far as I know this is probably your problem having an outdated service provided and transformer size possibly. If you need an upgrade and perform the inspections and permits are probably required the power company may be prompted to upgrade their equipement too.

Let us know what you findl


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