tips on big cable in crawlspace?

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tips on big cable in crawlspace?

I'm going to be running 4/3 Romex through an unfinished basement (a 5 foot crawlspace, really) from the main panel ouside on the front corner of the house, to a subpanel near the center of the house. Does anyone have any tips for dealing with this cable? It's almost an inch in diameter and stiff. It's like wrestling a python, as someone else said.

I was planning to use some two hole conduit straps (like this) to attach it to the beams & joists of the house. I found a route that avoids the need to drill through any beams or joists. I'll keep it as high as possible, out of harm's way. Will that be ok? I know, I know, I should ask my inspector, but it's hard to get a hold of him sometimes, and this is more of a design issue than code, I think.

-- Jim
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The easest way I've found to pull larger cables is to have someone feed it to you a little at a time. that way they take some of the weight off you as your pulling. If its on a reel then sometimes the easiest is to have someone hold the free end and roll the reel through the crawlspace to the desired location. With a 5 foot space this might be the best method.

The strapping method you mention sounds good but it is a good Idea to check with your local inspection department as different jurisdictions have different codes when it comes to this, you might also want to varify the type of wire your putting down there is rated for that enviorlment as your area may call that a wet location and require special wiring methods.
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wrestling that cable


For tips on working with that snake, just tune into "The Crocidile Hunter" and watch Steve!! He's really over the top, IMHO. Entertaining though.

As far as your plan, it is a good one...the Code allows cable that big to be attached to the bottom of joists or rafters without running boards. As far as using conduit straps, just make sure that they don't have ANY sharp edges. Most houses vibrate due to the HVAC air mover fan & motor. Even a moderately sharp edge may eventually cut into the jacket and conductor insulation.

I suggest you use BIG romex staples, called range staples (used for running the 8/3 cable to the electric range. Or, use 9/16 staples to tie down stout (140 lb-rated) cable ties (maybe even the ones used for air duct), and cable-tie the cable to the framing.

At least it's a 5' high space, and not an 18" one.

Good luck.

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I'll look into the big romex staples. 5 feet of headroom is nicer than 18" for sure, but not as nice as you might think. You can't stand up straight, yet it's too high for kneeling or squatting. For me (6' 4"), it means a lot of stooping over.

Heading down to try to tame this thing! I won't provoke it like old Steve does, though.

Thanks for the replies.

Update: having assistance really helps!

-- Jim

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