Upgrading Electrical Service


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Question Upgrading Electrical Service

I live in Canada and recently bought a 43 Y/O house. The realtor told me the electrical service is 60 amp. I'm told that most houses today have 100 amp service. I want to remodel my kitchen and at the same time add seperate receptacles for the dishwasher and fridge and basically rewire the kitchen but there is no room for expansion in the main panel. What is all involved in upgrading the service to 100 amp and is this something I could do myself?

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Anything's possible...


To do this job right, choose A or B, below:


--Invest a lot of your time (maybe 150 hours) in learning the Canadian Electrical Code and any local code, wiring materials and techniques, and local building dept and power company policies and procedures;
--Be prepared to live without electricity for a while while you're switching out the old panel and installing and hooking up the new one (this will be your first time doing this, you will not be fast); and,
--Have a consultant who can help you when you are stumped by peculiarities of non-standard existing wiring (as good as some are at helping on the bulliten board, I strongly suggest you have a local mentor too);


--hire a good electrician
--pay the money
--enjoy the new service panel


I don't want to discourage you, but replacing a panel is one of the more involved jobs in residential electrical work. There are always suprises. Experience is essential, and that's one thing you will not have, even if you do take the time to develop the knowledge. And there's a lot of important details to know.

Good luck.


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