hey wg follow up please

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Thumbs up hey wg follow up please

i am running a new outside motion senser light i have a power source close by i can use but i want a separate switch to turn it off and on how do i wire it from the power source to the switch.thanks again
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Don't forget to turn you power off at the breaker.
If the power source is close to the light fixture then you can install a 12 or 14/2wGrnd Romex matching the existing wire size from that power source connecting in that power source junction to the black to black and white to white and bare to bare just like an extension of that power source. Take it to your light box. Then install another Romex cable 12 or 14/2wGrnd from that light box again matching the existing wire size to the switch box. In the switch box connect the bare to the green screw of the switch and the black and white to the two screws of a single pole switch not mattering which screw to which wire. Then in the light box connect the white going to the switch to the black coming from your power source. Then connect the white coming from your power source to the white of the light fixture and the black coming from the switch to the black of the light fixture. Then connect all bares together making a bare pigtail from that wire nut to the green wire or screw of the light fixture.

Let us know how you come out.

Good Luck


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