Romex and Extension Cords


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Romex and Extension Cords

Running a new 15a circuit to run my 15a table saw, from the service panel to the opposite wall. That's some 90ft the 15a romex will traverse. The saw O-Manual specifies a 14ga min x 25ft max extension cord (if required).
Now, isn't the NM14 sort of an 90ft extension cord? How long can you run it to service a 15a rated power tool?
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The 25' suggestion from the manufacturer has to do with voltage drop. A long run of #14 awg (more than 25' in this case) will leave you with less voltage at the saw. The saw should be able to run witht he 90' of #14, if it is comming from the service panel directly. If you would prefer to play it safe, run #12. #12 is similarly priced as #14 for a short run like this one.
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I agree. Run 12 gauge. 14-gauge copper carrying 15 amps for 90 feet will lose 8.5 volts. 12-gauge will only lose 5.3 volts. 10-gauge would lose 3.4 volts.

P.S. That's some big room you have there if it takes 90 feet to get from one side to the other.

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