is it possible to remove a ceiling fan light

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is it possible to remove a ceiling fan light

We have several ceiling fans in the house we just bought. Each of them has a light in it and we don't want the light, but we love having the fans. Is it possible to remove the lights? I have done very simple wiring like putting in a dimmer switch. If it is possible to remove the light, could I do it myself?
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Yes it is possible, most ceiling lamps/fans com with an attachment to place over the area where the lights go if you don't want or require them. Now finding the proper covers that is another story, you could try contacting the manuafacurer and ordering them but knowing the way they are it might be less expensvie to replace the entire unit then buy the part. If you check out your local electrical supply houses some of them may have a generic cover you can use.
The removal of the lights is a very simple job on most fixtures, but the area must be enclosed with an approved cover once the lights are gone. Exposed wires not only don't look nice they are a potential danger.
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As gard mentioned, the normal packaging of a ceiling fan includes both the light kit and the cover plate for people not using the light kit. If you're really lucky, the former owners might have left you the cover plate somewhere. Otherwise, if it's a common brand like Hunter or Hampton Bay, Home Depot will probably carry the cover plate.
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It may actually be simpler. In most ceiling fans I have used, the light fixture is attached to a plate which is attached to the fan itself. Frequently the light is attached via a hollow threaded rod. The wiring for the light goes through the center of this rod. The rod screws into the cover plate.

To remove the light, first kill the power at the breaker. Remove the cover plate with light fixture attached (usually 2 or 3 screws). Pull the fixture away from the fan. There should be 2 wires running between the light and the fan, connected via small wire nuts to the fan wiring. Unscrew the wire nuts, disconnect the wires, then use the wire nuts to cap the (now unused) wires in the fan.

You should be able to simply unscrew the light fixture from the cover plate. Take the cover plate to a good hardware store and get a plastic or metal filler plug to close the hole the light used to attach to. Replace the cover plate on the fan and you're ready to go.

This type of procedure has worked for me on Casablanca, Hunter, Litex, and Hampton Bay fans. It's possible your fan may be different, particularly if is one of the decorative (read: expensive) ones from Casablanca.
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Thanks so much for the help. I will let you know how it turns out. I really appreciate the detail of the last response.

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