Phone cuts out when it is Raining


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Phone cuts out when it is Raining

I just moved into my first house. I'm having a problem with my phone line cutting out when it is raining and windy. There was no power coming into the phone at all. Dialing my number using my Cell Phone, I get a busy signal. I unplugged all of the phones in the house when I went to bed and in the morning, the dial tone was back (a little bit of static was present but is now gone). This has happened twice in the past 3 weeks.

I've done the test at the NID outside of the house and I get a dial tone out there. So, it has to be my wiring. I followed the line into the house. I saw a little "nick" on the line right before it entered the outside wall. Could this be the problem??????? Water and wind causing the line to go out???

Any help would be appreciated.
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Belive it or not, it could very well be the problem. Several years back I was haing static on my two lines. When you checked the line at the NID, the line was clear as a bell, but on the phones inside, there was horrible static. Enough to make my computer modem go nuts. Had a phone guy look at it and it was a small nick from the NID to the junction box in the house. Repaired it and no more static.
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Have a similar problem,the tech changed out the line and it worked fine but next time it rained, the problem was back.Tech told me when he came back out that the problem seems to be coming from old wiring in the community.
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You have a very common problem. With 30 years of experience working for in the telephone industry I know what you're going through. I would
bet there's a 90% chance that you have a wet cable and pair somewhere between you house and the Central Office. Telephones work off of a high resistance short and water in a cable will cause you to have a crackling noise like eggs frying or a dead circuit. Although the phone companies have compressed air on the cables water still gets into the terminals. The big problem is that, you report the problem and by the time they test your line it has stopped raining and the line is clear. The next time it happens ask the tech to have your line shifted to a different pair. If you get nowhere with the tech I have found that if you ask to for a supervisor you will get your request. If you want to check your inside wiring first look for ground on the green wire and -48v DC on the red wire.

Good Luck

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