Two quick questions

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Two quick questions

Two quick questions:

1) I have a 20A circuit that serves about 6 receptacles in the dining room and nothing else. Do these receptacles need to be GFCI protected?

2) Is it OK (code-wise and design-wise) to put the kitchen's fridge receptacle on this same circuit? (I would route it so that the fridge recpt would not be GFCI). My thinking is that the dining room recepts get far less usage than the kitchen recepts, so I'd rather have the fridge load on the less-used circuit. I'd prefer not run a dedicated fridge circuit.

-- Jim
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The code only states for GFI protection on the counter outlets
210.8 Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter Protection for Personnel.
(6) Kitchens where the receptacles are installed to serve the countertop surfaces
Therefore the dining area can have regular protection.
Now the fridge on this circuit, you can do this providing no local code in you jurisdiction states otherwise, but it is not really the
smartest move to do, the usually fridge draws about 10 to 12 amps because of this to run the fridge and say a toaster at the same time could in theroy trip the breaker, the dinning room receptacles although they may not be used much are still used you may not realise how often. Remember if you use any of these outlets for other purposes you may be asking for trouble.
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Thanks for the info, gard. The fridge is marked as 7.7A. As soon as I confirm with my inspector that it's ok (that guy is too hard to get a hold of), I'm going to put it on the DR circuit.
-- Jim

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