going for 220 in the Garage

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Question going for 220 in the Garage

Hello there..

In my shop, I only currently have household 110v. There is a breaker box, and all the wiring appears to be up to snuff, but I'm trying to get the 220v that i need to operate a Table Saw and Radial Arm saw.

This shop is for personal use only.

Wondering what is involved with setting this up.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.. I'm dying to get that table saw turning..
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In the circuit breaker box, are there 2 hots a neutral and a ground? If this is the case, then there is hope!
A 220V or 240V circuit is generally made of two hots and an equipemnt ground conductor.
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If the "breaker box" is at a location a certain distance from the service panel then the cable from the service panel to the "breaker box" is a "feeder" and is protected by a circuit-breaker in the service panel.Please identify this breaker for the "rating"-ex., 20,30,(amps) etc., and if it's "single-pole" or "double" or "2-pole". A 2-pole beaker which is double the size of a single-pole breaker indicates a 220 volt feeder to the "breaker box."--Good Luck!!
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more info

I found what seems to be a decent set-up. In my basement, where the main panel is for the house, there is a separate box for the work shop. within, are two large 100 amp fuses. Three wires run from that box, to the breaker box in the garage; one from each fuse, and a ground. The wires are of a heavy gauge aluminum, with black insulation. It seems like an old fashioned kind of set up, with the fuses in the house, and all..

My next step is to test those fuses, and find (what i assume) is the blown one.

In the Garage, there is a suspended power cable from the ceiling, which i suspect was used for 220 power at one time. Currently, it is only 110. I'm thinking that one of those basement fuses is out.

In any case, how do i create a separate 220 circuit, once I get both feeder cables live into the garage ?

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