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Wink Ceiling Fan Dimmer

I just installed 2 3-way dimmer switches in my room for the 2 ceiling fan/light fixtures. How do I get the fans to work independently from the lights and how do I stop the humming noise coming from the fan when it is turned on? Bare is to thegreen, black is common, and the red and white is on the other two remaining screws.
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First, I suggest that before we talk, that you remove the dimmers and put back the light switches you took out.

Before you put the dimmers in, did the lights and fans work independently? Or do you only have one switch at each location that controls them both? If the latter, then you need to buy remote controls for your fans, or be content to use the pull chains for independent control, or figure out how to run more wire from the switch box to the ceiling.

If you leave those dimmers there, you're going to burn out your fan motors very quickly. The humming may be seriously aggravated by the dimmers. However, all fans hum somewhat (less hum in more expensive fans).

Finally, it is not necessary to use two 3-way dimmers for lighting control. One is sufficient.
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Black is common? Disconnect and let John lead you through. No power to this.
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Reply to Ceiling fan from John

OK I put the old switches back and there is no humming noise. There is a switch on one wall and another on the other wall I can turn either fan/light on with any one. I don't understand why the dimmer don't work. I put everything back the same way on the old switch except the bare wire. Is this why the ceiling fan and light are working now? Can I put the dimmer on the one switch the red, black and white and not put the bare on the dimmer. Will that work? Or should I try just taking the black off the dimmer and tape it?
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I'm still confused.

Are we talking about one room with two switches and two fans, and each fan has a light on it? At each switch location, there is exactly one switch? This must be a big room if it has two fans in it -- true?

So when you operate either of the two switches, it simultaneously provides or removes power from both of the fans? And power is provided or removed from the fans' lights with the same action?

Is all this true?

If so, then you cannot use a dimmer at all without adding more switches and running more wire in the wall. Or, as I said before, you could add remote controls.

Motors like consistent voltage -- dimmers don't provide it.

Keep providing information and we'll keep getting closer to a solution.

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