Solving a electrical problem


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Solving a electrical problem

Hi. I have a situation where there is a GFI outlet in my upstairs bathroom. The switch works when I turn on the light switch. The weird thing is though, for quite some time I thought that a short
existed in my garage outlets because it seemed as if the power would not stay constant. I discovered however, that my garage outlets are somehow connected to the GFI outlet in my upstairs bathroom and every time I turn the lights off the power goes away in the garage outlets. My question is," how do I get my garage circuitry to act independantly from the upstairs outlet"? I want my garage outlets to stay hot regardless of the off or on switch position in my upstairs bathroom. Do I need to rewire something or do I need another GFI outlet located before it gets to my garage outlets? Like maybe would a GFI outlet in the downstairs bathroom/utility room solve this problem?
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If you don't need the switch at all, you can take the switch out of the circuit (provided it's a simple on/off switch and not a 3- or 4- way).

Turn the circuit breaker for this circuit off. Open the cover for the light switch, take the switch out, take the two wires off the switch, twist them together, and put a wirenut on them. Put the now-useless switch back in the box so the coverplate looks right and put the coverplate back on.

If that's not what you want, you'll need to run separate wiring to the outlets that bypasses the switch.
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It's pretty common for bathroom receptacles to be tied in with the garage receptacle. But it's not common for the garage receptacle to be switched by the bathroom switch.

I suggest that you add a new circuit and use that to install some new GFCI protected receptacles in your garage. You'll appreciate the convenience of having more power in the garage, and having more conveniently located receptacles. The garage is usually the easiest place to do this.
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Why would jcsilk want to take out the swich for the bathroom lights? doing so would leave the lights on all the time?
If you ever take a device out of a box you should remove it and spend 89 cents to buy the appropriate blanked off cover plate.
leaving a dead switch in a box would create confusion for someone in the future, such as what does this switch control??
I agree with John Nelson to run a seperate circuit to the garage but if that is not needed because of simple load out there i.e. (1 switch,1 lite, 1 outlet) you can leave it hooked up like it is.
Sounds like they pigtailed both the GFIC in the bathroom and the run to the garage off the switch leg instead of the constant hot going to the lite switch.
Should be a simple fix
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Yes it was not wired properly. I remebered I rewired it a few years ago because my son caused some problems by using a base board heater in that same series. I evedently did not rewire it the way that it was originally(I'm a home owner not an electrician). Your answer made a lot of sense once I revisited my error. Thanks for your assistance!

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