Older Wiring problem

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Talking Older Wiring problem

I purchased a older home a couple of months ago.. The problem I'm having is I have a shed that has a switch that controls a light fixture .. which supposely gets it's power from my garage. I followed the circuit back to a jucntion box. I opened it and found that their is three wires coming into the box ( 3 sets of black & white wires) One is coming from a switch across the room ( That's where it gets the power, the other goes to a receptacle right under the junction box. And another wire going to a switch right above the junction box. This is the wire that goes out to the shed. But in the junction box I have 2 black wires tied together, two white wires tied together..and then I have the wire that goes to the switch above ( a wire nut on the white, by itself, and a wire nut on the black , by itself..) So I'm thinking that if I tie all blacks together and whites that would give the power out to the shed....

If the connections were wrong would this trip the breaker?
Can I take the switch right out of the circuit?
How many wires can you tie togheter in one junction box?

Please help>>

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First, you have to ask yourself, "Why was this disconnected in the first place?" The answer might have been to eliminate a dangerous condition. I'd have an electrically experience person check this out before reconnecting it.

If all checks out, then your plan is likely correct. The number of connections you can make in a junction box depends on a variety of factors, such as type of box, size of box, size of wire, etc.

You could probably take out the switch, but I don't see much point in doing so. It was likely installed so somebody could turn out the shed light from the garage.
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Electrical issue

If i do connect them would that trip the breaker??
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It might trip the breaker if it is a direct or low impedance fault and the breaker is in good condition.
If the wire was disconnected due to a different problem, then you might have a smoldering problem hidden somewhere..
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Electrical Issue

The breaker is a 20 amp breaker.. A new 200 amp service installed like 2-3 years ago>>
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Older Electrical Problem

If i have to replace to wire from the garage to the shed...
What wire would I use ?
How deep do I have to dig?
What do I put the wire in..what kind of pipe etc??
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Question requirements for shed feeder

How big is the shed, and what would you be needing to power in it? How about power tools? Anything special? How far away is the shed from the main service to the house? What may you do in the shed in the future that will require electrical power?
If you can fugure out what you would like to be able to do, we can help you install a system to meet those needs.
In general, you would need to bury a PVC conduit 18" below ground surface. The local code may specify otherwise. Definitly install a new circuit for the shed to itself. All receptacles must be GFCI protected. I would recomment at least (2) 20A circuits. Tell us more about the shed, and the plans can be tailored to that.

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Old Electrical problem

From my first message about the problem I was having. I tried to connect the two wires from the switch ( black & white) to the other black & white wires in the junction box. Turned on the power. Nothing happen.. the circuit breaker never tripped and the light in the shed doesn't work... I tried to flipped the switch on and off ..nothing>> I even checked for power in the shed ..no power... but there is power going to the junction box because the receptacle right under it coming from the junction box works.

With the power on if I touch the black wires with the red probe ( tester) and the black to the box that should tell me if I have power there?? I tried that no power> Am i testing this right???

Could it be the wire from the switch to the junction box that is bad??

Can I run another wire to another junction box instead of the switch ( take the switch right out of the circuit)

Have no idea what the problem is???

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