Replacing flourescent lamps


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Question Replacing flourescent lamps

I have four single-lamp 8' florescent fixtures in my crawl space that are strung in a row and are activated by a single switch. I would like to replace each of these fixtures with 2-lamp fixtures. I think that I can simply start with the first fixture (next to the switch) and connect the wires in the same way as they are connected to the existing fixtures. However, I disconnected "fixture #4", at the end of the string, and can't remember how the wires were connected.

Coming into fixture 4, I have a black wire which is connected to the black wire on the ballast to fixture 3. I have blue wire which is connected to the blue wire on the ballast to fixture 3. The third and last wire going into fixture 4 is a black wire which is connected to a brown wire coming from fixture 2 (assume this is the hot).

In fixture 4, I have a short black wire, with a bare end, coming off one of the sockets that the bulb fits into. I have a short white wire, with a bare end, coming off of the other socket that the other bulb will fit into.

Bottom line, I have 3 wires coming into fixture 4 and 2 connecting wires from fixture 4. Can you tell me where each wire is to be connected in fixture 4?
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I'd forget how it was done previously and do it so you understand it. I'm assuming you don't have a 3-way switch. This is how I'd do it, but you may find a better way once you get in to it. Make sur eyour breaker is off and you haven't just turned off the light switch:
1) Take it all down.
2) There could be a couple of ways the wires come in from the switch
a) Two sets of wires with one white and one black connected to the first light. This black should be coming from the switch. and one black (power from breaker) tied to a white(goes to switch). This may vary depending on how it was done.
b) One set of wires. The white is the neutral and the black is only powered when the switch is on.

3) In either a or b in 2) above you will connect the neutral (white) to the white on the ballast and the black from the switch to the black on the ballast

4) At the same time you do 3 above, cut a piece of 12-2 romex and tie the white to the whites and the blacks to the blacks and run to the next light.

5) repeat 4 above for all of the lights.

When I work on electrical I always make a drawing to diagram out how it should be connected. Nothing fancy, I just want to make sure I don't cross lines and really understand how things are set up. A lot of times you open a box and there are a ton of wires and you need to make sure what is what.

Let us know how it goes.
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Your advice worked like a charm. Thanks for the help.
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